Secrets to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

During each stage of life, it is important to support the good function of your kidneys. With 1 in 3 Americans at risk of diabetes, according to the diabetes health center <> and 59% of Americans predicted to develop kidney disease according to a new study released by the National Kidney Foundation <>, the importance of supporting healthy kidneys is seemingly growing.

See these secrets to keeping your kidneys healthy with these little known, easily implemented diet tricks. Ensure your kidneys function is at the best it can be, always.


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

We’ve all heard it, 8 glasses a day, yet we don’t do it. There has been no sufficient proof found that drinking in excess of this amount is any way beneficial. Our bodies are made up of nearly 70% water, in order to keep flushed and replenished our bodies require this relatively small amount of clean drinking water in order to maintain the health of your kidneys and allow them to remove then necessary toxins and waste.


Blood Pressure

Your kidneys are made up of thousands of small arteries that support the filtering system within the kidneys. These tiny arteries are subject to damage when experiencing high blood pressure. Your blood pressure target should be set by your Doctor along with regular blood pressure checkups. To maintain a steady and healthy blood pressure rate minimize impact of stress, keep at a regular healthy weight and eat a salt reduced diet.

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise is an important part of any diet. In just thirty minutes of cardio exercise per day you can effectively reduce blood pressure, promote weight loss, fight obesity, a known cause of high blood pressure and reduce cholesterol levels. In order to achieve maximum benefits daily exercise is suggested at a moderate level between 30-60 minutes, unless otherwise recommended.

Fruits and veggies

Not enough can be said for the humble veggies and fabulous fruit we have access to. With health benefits abundant, their health provisions for your kidneys are unlimited. Beneficial to the cardiovascular system and kidneys, fruits and vegetables when eaten fresh are a strong source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and contain a high water content. Low in sodium, fruits and vegetables are an easy way to ensure your food complies with a kidney friendly diet.

Will Supplements Help You?

Supplements, in the most part, are recommended for those with diet inadequacies, a nutritional and complete diet should be ideally, if possible achieved. For those that have particular deficiencies within their diet, benefit may be found from taking additional nutritional supplements Known to assist in improving the health of your kidneys, Omega 3 reduces blood pressure and potassium in the urine. Potassium supplements are essential for good kidney function, Vitamin D assists in the aid or prevention of CDK, along with coenzyme Q10 a blood pressure stabilizer. According to recent data released by the FDA the National Kidney Foundation have issued an Alert <> for a variety of orally consumed supplements.

Limit Your Alcohol

Alcohol is no friend of your liver, nor kidneys. Drinking is a known cause of many health issues. Containing ethanol, alcohol directly damages internal walls of your kidneys. Further unbalancing electrolyte’s resulting in high blood pressure.


Watch Your Medications

Medications place all sorts of extra pressure on both the liver and kidneys. The effects of each medication will differ according to the medication type and dosage. There is little debate to that many medications being sold today are damaging to our kidneys, especially if taken over an extended period of time. Common over the counter medications that should be avoided or limited are ibuprofen, aspirin and naproxen.

For further information on medications harmful to your liver see the National Kidney’s Foundation click here

Reduce Your Salt

As Americans we are eating too much salt. High in sodium and chloride, salt prevents the kidneys from efficiently filtering your fluids. Causing build up within the body, leading to higher blood pressure and further damaging your kidneys limiting their ability to perform. The DASH diet <> has been developed, low in sodium and aimed at lowering blood pressure, it is based on fresh foods and vegetables and finding much success.


Overall ensuring you’re eating habits, and exercise routine support your best self, is a kicker way to protect your kidneys. There are many causes to kidney damage and little corrective fixes. It is therefore absolutely essential we maintain the best health of our kidneys each and every day, throughout all stages of our lives.


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